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System 83 Plus 2

Wassenburg Medical Inc/Custom Ultrasonics Washer-Disinfectors are stand-alone automatic endoscope reprocessing machines (AERs) that wash and disinfect immersible heat-sensitive endoscopes and components. The wash — a high-level disinfect and rinse process — has been standardized and validated for consistent flexible endoscope reprocessing.

System 83 Plus 2 adapts to each channel individually, making it easier for the technician to verify flow and avoid bifurcating the tubing. It accounts for all channels of the flexible instrument and all the internal surfaces impacted during the flexible endoscope cleaning and endoscope high-level disinfection. This prevents liquid and air from taking the path of least resistance during the process, which ensures a successful outcome.

The System 83 Plus 2 is a wonderful addition for any member of the healthcare industry looking for an endoscope washer and disinfector. Start the process of securing your unit by getting a quote today and reaching out to Wassenburg Medical!

What Is an Endoscope Washer?

Endoscope washer disinfectors like System 83 Plus 2 provide high-level disinfection of flexible endoscopes. Endoscope washers complete their disinfection at low temperatures and are growing in popularity and quality due to technological advancements in the industry.

Benefits of Endoscope Reprocessing Equipment

If you’re typically using endoscopes, AERs are important tools for operation. This risk is especially heightened due to the increased demand for surgical procedures that require the use of endoscopes. There is an increasing focus in the healthcare community on preventing infections and bacterial spread, and cleaning flexible endoscopes and other materials that enter the body is a large part of this movement.