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System 83 Plus 9

Dual Chamber Ultrasonic Washer/Disinfector for Reprocessing Two to Four Flexible Endoscopes

Duodenoscopes validated for reprocessing in the System 83 Plus-Olympus Model TJF-Q180V and Pentax Model ED-3490TK.

Duodenoscopes NOT validated for reprocessing in the System 83 Plus-Duodenoscopes with an open elevator wire channel and FUJIFILM all models.

The System 83 Plus Washer-Disinfectors are stand-alone ultrasonic reprocessors that wash and high-level disinfect immersible heat-sensitive endoscopes and components. The wash, high-level disinfect and rinse process has been standardized and validated for consistent reprocessing of flexible endoscopes.

In order to account for all channels of the flexible instrument and all internal surfaces are contacted during cleaning and high level disinfection, System 83 Plus adapts to each channel individually making it easier for the technician to verify flow and avoids bifurcating the tubing. This prevents liquid and air from taking the path of least resistance during the process, which ensures a successful outcome.

  • 19″ Stainless Steel Processing Chamber
  • Alcohol Flushing of Channels
  • Automatic Detergent Injection
  • Disinfectant Fume Control
  • Custom Adapter Package
  • Individual Channel Monitoring
  • Disinfectant Transfer System
  • Chamber Access Port