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Dual-Chamber Endoscope Washer-Disinfector

Custom Ultrasonics Washer-Disinfectors — like our System 83 Plus 9 — are stand-alone ultrasonic reprocessors that  wash and disinfect immersible heat-sensitive endoscopes and components. The disinfect and rinse process has been standardized and validated for consistent reprocessing of flexible endoscopes.

Our System 83 Plus 9 is an automated endoscope reprocessor with dual-chamber disinfecting. It accounts for all channels of the flexible instrument and ensures that all internal surfaces are contacted during the cleaning and high-level disinfection. Similar to our System 83 Plus 2, our System 83 Plus 9 adapts to each channel individually, making it easier for the technician to verify flow and avoid bifurcating the tubing. This measure prevents liquid and air from taking the path of least resistance during the process, which ensures a successful outcome.

Healthcare industry members have taken a keen interest in preventing the spread of bacteria and infection. When you order the System 83 Plus 9, you’ll enjoy the benefits of a dual-chamber flexible endoscope cleaning machine that will keep patients healthy and make operations easier and more affordable.

Why You Need t he System 83 Plus 9 Machine

When you order the System 83 Plus 9 machine, you’ll receive our dual-chamber endoscope washer-disinfector along with these high-quality components:

  • 19″ Stainless Steel Processing Chamber
  • Alcohol Flushing of Channels
  • Automatic Detergent Injection
  • Disinfectant Fume Control
  • Custom Adapter Package
  • Individual Channel Monitoring
  • Disinfectant Transfer System
  • Chamber Access Port

As you can see, the System 83 Plus 9 is a dual-chamber flexible endoscope cleaning machine that includes plenty of features to streamline your processes. To learn more about our high-level endoscope cleaning system, get in touch with Wassenburg Medical today!

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Handle Multiple Endoscopes at a Time With Our Dual-Chamber Endoscope Reprocessor

All healthcare facilities should be equipped with a system that ensures high-quality endoscope reprocessing. With our dual-chamber endoscope reprocessor, you’ll enjoy the benefits of safe and clean endoscopes with the ability to handle up to four instruments at a time. Not only will you be able to ensure a safe and secure operation, but you can also save time and money by quickly and efficiently cleaning endoscopes. Contact us today to equip your facility with a dual-chamber endoscope washer-disinfector from Wassenburg Medical, a proud partner of Custom Ultrasonics, Inc.

Double the Cleanliness With Our Dual-Chamber Endoscope Sterilization

As the healthcare industry has focused more and more on proper sterilization techniques, technological advancements have led to the implementation of newer methods. Terminal sterilization is required for all accessories that penetrate the moist inner lining of your body and organs. As such, endoscopes need to be cleaned efficiently. With our dual-chamber endoscope sterilization machine, you’ll have double the cleanliness while still receiving high-quality disinfection. To learn more about our dual-chamber endoscope washer-disinfector, contact us today!

Buy System 83 Plus 9 and Enjoy the Benefits of Our Dual-Chamber Endoscope Washer-Disinfector

When you buy the System 83 Plus 9, you’ll receive more than just a product capable of disinfecting bacteria. You’ll be investing in Wassenburg Medical’s premium quality service and products, designed to make sterilizing and cleaning endoscopes more streamlined than ever before. Not only do we offer this automated endoscope reprocessor with dual-chamber disinfecting capabilities, but we also provide a host of other products, including:

Keeping endoscopes clean involves adhering to industry standards, and preventing bacterial growth and infections is a must. There’s no better way to accomplish this goal than with our System 83 Plus 9. Contact Wassenburg Medical today and get a quote for your dual-chamber endoscope washer-disinfector and get one step closer to the best endoscope cleaning money can buy.

Duodenoscopes validated for reprocessing in the System 83 Plus-Olympus Model TJF-Q180V and Pentax Model ED-3490TK.

Duodenoscopes NOT validated for reprocessing in the System 83 Plus-Duodenoscopes with an open elevator wire channel and FUJIFILM all models.

Installation Specifications

Installation Specifications with Direct Vent