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Wassenburg DRY 320®

Endoscope storage

Designed to contribute to a safe and controlled treatment of flexible endoscopes. The WASSENBURG® DRY320 is a patented drying system that has been developed to provide ergonomic handling for its users, optimum endoscope positioning and proven drying efficacy.

Check out the key benefits of the WASSENBURG® DRY320:
Optimum drying process
Endoscopes in our drying cabinets are stored in a vertical hanging position, allowing gravity to facilitate the drying process. Vertical hanging is recommended in endoscope manufacturers guidelines and is in compliance with the recommendations of the ESGE-ESGENA guideline 939.

Extended storage
Our drying cabinets guarantee a controlled and safe storage preserving the washed and disinfected state of the endoscope for up to 30 days.*
The extended storage period in a conditioned environment allows for more efficiency within the department by having timely access to the endoscopes when they are needed.
* Please also refer to local guidelines.

Excellent ergonomics
The WASSENBURG® DRY320 has a unique and patented pull-down positioning system. This revolutionary design allows for users of all heights to comfortably position, connect and remove the endoscope from the cabinet without physical strain.

Full process registration
All steps of the drying process in the WASSENBURG® DRY320 are traced and monitored in detail, with a report sent to an integral printer and optionally to our dedicated WASSENBURG® Process Manager software. Process data is collected and provides meaningful information about all processes that have occured in the drying and storage cabinet.

Compliant to EN 16442 standard
The WASSENBURG® DRY320 drying and storage cabinet meets the requirements of the EN 16442 standard and is developed and manufactured in accordance with ISO 13485.