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Wassenburg Transport Cart TC-6

Transport solution: for all types of endoscopes

The Wassenburg Transport solution is designed to protect flexible endoscopes from airborne contaminants and potential damage during transport between the examination room and the reprocessing facility.


Benefits of the Transport solution

  • Protecting valuable equipment during transport
  • Minimizing the risk of cross contamination
  • Protecting medical staff from microbiological hazards
  • Improving the workflow in daily operation
  • Easy to use; status identification at a glance
  • Easy to clean; easy maintenance

Total Solution

Wassenburg Total Solution-Transport

A clean and disinfected endoscope is an important prerequisite to ensure safety for every patient and each procedure. The safe transportation of flexible endoscopes between decontamination and the next patient are as crucial in the reprocessing cycle as the cleaning and disinfection of the flexible endoscope itself.

That is why we offer a complete range of systems, consumables and services to cover all aspects of the endoscope reprocessing cycle: the total solution.

Transport solution trays and table top are compatible with automated thermal disinfection treatment at temperatures up to 93°C.
Automated Thermal Disinfection - TrayEndoscope in Tray
  • Smooth surface of the tray for easy cleaning and disinfection
  • The top of the trolley provides additional workspace in smaller areas (e.g. patient bedside)
  • Tray has no hidden areas for optimum cleaning and disinfection
  • No unnecessary coiling of the endoscope because of the tray size
  • Trays and top are heat resistant up to 93°C resulting in A0 600 process level according to ISO 15883 part
  • Removable top for easy cleaning and disinfection
  • 6 trays to transport multiple endoscopes from reprocessing to the next patient
  • Frame made of stainless steel
  • User friendly handle ensures a firm grip pushing the trolley
  • Sterile liner package to protect the disinfected endoscope during transport
  • Easy to maneuver with four rotating castors
  • Equipped with brakes to improve stability