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Adapting to Pentax 70 Series Bronchoscopes

For questions about pricing, please call 215-364-1477

If your endoscope model isn’t listed, or you are acquiring new endoscopes, or you have questions regarding endoscope channel adaptation, please contact Wassenburg Medical.

**Part numbers in parenthesis have been discontinued. Use part numbers outside of parenthesis when ordering new adapters.

This endoscope adaptation diagram for Pentax flexible endoscopes illustrates various models- it does not represent an actual model.
Refer to the Scope-Assist Flushing Sink Matrix for endoscope model specific flushing times.
For questions regarding endoscope channel adaptation or if acquiring new endoscopes, please contact Wassenburg Medical.



Manual Cleaning Flushing Requirements

Flush as per endoscope manufacturer requirements

Select system

Scope Assist Flushing Sink